Privacy and Cookie Statement

In this privacy and cookie statement, we explain what personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this statement carefully.

If you have any questions regarding the Principles of Personal Data Protection, we encourage you to contact us using the contact form on our contact page.

Who are we?

We are administrators of the information sharing service, especially in the area of disturbing, dangerous, spam or otherwise harmful phone numbers. We do not participate in the creation of content, which is created exclusively by the visitors of We are obliged and willing to ensure the legality of the content, mainly in the protection of personal data.

Privacy Policy provides services to consumers through its website. In doing so, we process privacy-sensitive information, also known as personal data.

How are the personal data been used?

Security of the forum - To protect for automated data collection of our website we use statistical methods.

Performance of the forum- To improve user friendliness, we use of cookies files. Read more about our use of Cookies (at the bottom of this page).

Maintaining the quality of the forum - We check the quality of comments using automated tools, but also manually. Therefore, we need minimum required amount of information about the authors.

Compliance with legislative requirements - If you give us consent with the storage of cookies files, we keep the consent afterwards. Read more about our use of cookies.

Contacting back, identifying - If you contact us, or request to delete a comment or any other reason, we store the contact information and history of the conversation. We use Gmail for this purpose.

Display of ads through AdSense - For the display of AdSense ads, we store cookie files. Read more about our use of Cookies (at the bottom of this page).

How long do we keep personal data?

Information about your activity on the website, include the IP address, browser used, websites visited and website you have used, we keep this data for 14 days. After this period they are automatically deleted.

If you violate the Terms and Conditions, information such as your IP address will be kept for longer than 14 days. This is in order to block access to the website.

We keep your e-mail address for the time necessary to provide mutual communication.

Who has access to the personal data?

Personal data supplied to third parties only include cookies files intended for platform Google AdSense. We do not provide other personal data to third parties. Read more about our use of Cookies (at the bottom of this page).

How are personal data protected?

Data transfer from you to us - To securely transfer the data from your browser to our server we use SSL certificate issued by Let´s Encrypt.
Security of the data with us - To ensure the highest protection of the data, we use all accessible and economically acceptable tools for security.

Where are the personal data stored and processed?

For the operation of the website and the related storage and processing of personal data we use servers of the company DigitalOcean. All our servers are located in the US.

Information collected when browsing our website

Personal dataReasonStorage periodThird party
IP addressSecurity14 daysno
Browser usedSecurity14 daysno
Session durationSecurity14 daysno
Visited website Security14 daysno
Referral WebsiteSecurity14 daysno
Cookies – GoogleAdSense2 yearsyes
Cookie agreement Legislative1 yearno

Information gathered from comments

Personal dataReasonStorage periodThird party
IP addressQuality purpose, SecurityUnlimitedno
CookiesFunctioning1 yearno

Information collected from responses

Personal dataReasonStorage periodThird party
IP addressQuality purpose, SecurityUntil request processed (max. 30 days)no
EmailContactUntil request processed (max. 30 days)no
NameIdentifyUntil request processed (max. 30 days)no

Personal data in comments

Any user who publishes a comment agrees to the Terms and Conditions for adding a comment. These conditions prohibit the addition of personal data. We cannot guarantee, that the personal data in the reactions are not displayed. If you find your personal data in a comment and you are opposed to this disclosure, please contact us via our contact form or by using the comment reporting tool (the little flag in the box next to each comment).

Do you have the right to seek redress?

Yes, you have the right to seek redress or the deletion of this data, as well as the right of withdrawal. We have one month to process your request, usually it is processed faster. We will always inform you of the result. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have the right to complain to supervisory authority.

How do we protect children's personal data?

We are obliged to protect the privacy of children under 16 years of age. If you are under 16 years old, we kindly ask you to get your parents' permission before you provide us with any personal data.

If you are a parent or guardian and are concerned that your child may have provided personal information, please contact us. If we learn that we have obtained personal information from a child under the age of 16 without parental consent, we will take steps to delete that information from our servers.

Our website is not directed at persons under the age of 16.

What are the steps for requesting the deletion of personal data in comments?

You can send your request for deletion of personal data via our contact form on the contact page. If your personal data are in the comment, we recommend you use the tool for reporting a comment (the report button in the menu of each comment). The processing time for your request is 1 month from the receipt of the request but it is usually processed faster.

What can I do if my phone number is on this website against my will?

If you discover that your phone number is displayed on this site, you can ask us to remove it using the contact form.
We reserve the right to provide you with documents proving that the phone number is correctly yours.


Cookies are files, which contain a small amount of data from the website. These files are stored on the user's computer while browsing the website. Cookies can be used by the web server to identify the users. Computer of the user is not threatened by the use of cookies. Moreover, they are automatically deleted after a time.

How is it possible to prohibit the cookies?

The user can choose whether to accept or ban the cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically - this setting may be changed and you can prohibit the use of cookies in the browser.

What cookies do we collect?

CookiesReasonStorage periodThird party
GoogleAdSense2 yearsyes
Consent with cookieLegislation1 yearno
Agreement with principles for adding commentsFunctioning1 yearno

Information collected by the company Google

Google, as a partner of the third party, uses cookies to display the ads on the website. To display the ads on the websites of the administrator, Google uses "DoubleClick DART cookie". If the user visits the website with AdSense ad, it may happen that a cookie is stored in his computer. Information from these cookies is used by the operator to display the AdSense ad and manage the ad. Google uses DART cookies in order to provide website visitors with relevant ads based on their browsing activity on the Internet.